Remedium (#4th Novel, OnGoing!)

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Samuel Sanjaya. Ara Senna Kamala. Doctor. Architecture student.
I can't make any interesting better read by yourself :3 (daripada aku mengacaukan semuanya dengan summary yang tidak menarik -_-)

Monica's summary : (I'm just copy-pasting it from her blog...because I just don't wanna ruin anything -_-)
Samuel knew when the first time he laid his eyes on her in the emergency room, he'll never forget it. It was innocent and hopeless eyes. Black and deep, but somehow pure, and the only one who has that eyes is Ara Senna Kamala, a 19 y.o girl which is still in her fourth semester in Architecture. Ara is a simple minded girl, with three brothers, and an illness—an illness that will lead her to Samuel.
Satisfication, always guaranteed! XD

Notes :
Odd Chapter (Ganjil) - Samuel's POV written by monicarosellini
Even Chapter (Genap) - Ara's POV written by fildzah_iazz (me!)
Gaya bahasa berubah karena...eksperimen :3

Ini novel project suka-suka nya penulis! Gak boleh proteess hahahah

Notes : dua penulis sudah mulai sibuk--cie, MABA! Updatenya gak sesering biasanya yaaa, akan selalu disempatkan kok tenang ajaa :3

Link per chapter, enjoy! :

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