De Komst! (#2nd finished novel)

WARNING : If you REALLY want to read this story, mention on our twitter @fildzah_iazz or @monicarosellini to ask the tumblr access password :)

A Dutch, Vlahos. An Indonesian girl, Karina. Nuff said, better read it by yourself :3 It's pretty long --about 330++ pages in A4 paper...but I'm sure it's gonna be worth-to-read :3

Satisfication, always guaranteed! XD

Notes :
Odd Chapter (Ganjil) - Van Vlahos's POV written by monicarosellini
Even Chapter (Genap) - Karina's POV written by fildzah_iazz (me!)

Or simply just click this link (nb : betah scrolling ya :p) : De Komst

Link per chapter, enjoy! :

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