Tinnitus! (#3rd finished novel)

WARNING : If you REALLY want to read this story, mention on our twitter @fildzah_iazz or @monicarosellini to ask the tumblr access password :)

Yep, I called myself a writer, yet I can't write a good summary for my own story...so I'll just copy-pasta them from my writer partner's blog :3

"The main concept is about a girl named Rev Severine, who get traumatized by her boyfriend death. 
She's later diagnosed having a mental disorder known as 'Bipolar disorder'. 
After her boyfriend's death, she's later transferred into a local school where she meets Theo Skaarsgard, the boy who always bullied her because of her disorder.
At the same time, Theo, after he caught the allusion in her glance, he started having a really weird memories, the memories he never have before."

As always, I just wanna say : Nuff said. Better read by yourself :3

Satisfication, a l w a y s guaranteed! XD

Or simply just click this link (nb : betah scrolling ya :p) : Tinnitus

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